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Saramago Holdings
is a private sector entity established to house transactions in the real estate,
infrastructure and energy sectors

Saramago is currently studying the Iberian Peninsula, with a focus on assets in Portugal.


Sectors we are actively looking at include concessions, hospitality and the health sector. We are particularly targeting the rapidly changing energy sector with a view to being a key player for integrated energy and sustainable fuels.

We seek to identify opportunities that have higher returns when benchmarked against comparative assets, as opposed to just outright yield.


To this end, we utilise a series of long established relationships and contacts to obtain improved access for our transaction flow.

The company is incorporated in Luxembourg and is owned by a group of private individuals with extensive experience of cross-border investments and M&A across a broad spectrum.

Saramago looks to invest in cash flow generating or pre-cash flow opportunities that have a strong business case and/or track record.


Typically our strategy will involve a specific intervention we have identified, for a specific situation, which we believe will add value, and hence improve its returns so as to achieve the higher alpha mentioned above.


Our team will then make use of our global network to rapidly mobilise the necessary resources, on terms that are preferential to those that may be offered locally, and  which may not be available to the present owners.

Alongside a sound business case, ESG integration and long-term sustainability are the principal factors informing us on our investment choices. (read more)

For further information or details about our activities please contact us


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