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Alongside a sound business case, ESG integration and long-term sustainability are the principal factors driving our investment choices

Responsible and sustainable investing is at the core of Saramago’s philosophy. 


We believe that analysing any business through the lens of ESG criteria, identifies both risks and opportunities. This is a vital tool, enabling us to make better investment decisions, generate compelling returns, whilst making a positive environmental and social impact.


Institutional investors are demanding a greater transparency around ESG issues.

As private investors, we play a crucial role in aligning these standards and harnessing capital to support long-term sustainable solutions meeting the goals and aspirations of societies worldwide.


ESG integration is an indispensable means to unlocking value, and we apply these principles, where applicable, to all our investment considerations.


ESG principles underpin all our activities, and every aspect of how we operate. It guides and establishes our total commitment to sustainability, the environment, ethical business practices, good governance, regulatory compliance, and our way of interacting with the people we work with, and the communities we are a part of.

All consultancy and board roles currently undertaken by our team members are within organisations that have an active and well established ESG policy in place.


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