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Nick Levitt has had twenty-six years of experience in international banking with HSBC in the fields of Corporate, Investment and Private Banking which culminated in being on the Global Executive Committee of the Group Private Bank in London. He also worked in various C-Suite roles in Hong Kong, UAE, Qatar, India, Indonesia and Mauritius.


During his banking career he placed a heavy emphasis on real estate and hospitality relationships, leading transactions such as the first Mainland Chinese Developer’s IPO in Hong Kong, the first ever Chinese real estate convertible bond and multiple emerging markets hospitality developments. Seven years of his career were dedicated to real estate restructurings and recoveries.


Nick is the founder of The Entrepreneur’s Investment Office an Investment Advisor to over USD 2 billion of real estate and social infrastructure funds. He is backed by a number of highly successful entrepreneur’s. EIO have also advised on a significant number of private transactions in the real estate, hospitality and infrastructure space.

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